Quantum hot holding cabinets

Wrapped Cavity


The Quantum Hot Holding Cabinets heating system, powered by wire resistors continuously wrapped around the entire external cavity walls, and electronically controlled with precision, holds the humidity contained in food, without drying it, as opposite of ventilated holding systems. The cavity is a drawn cavity with no seams and a flawless finish



Being able to present your recipes in the table just when you need them, is a basic requirement for any professional kitchen. Nothing is left to chance, ensuring taste, consistency and appearance, the same of just prepared dish. Quantum hot holding cabinets, characterized by low energy consumption, guarantee maximum efficiency and absolute quality of food presented. Warm offers advanced technology that works to ensure even and stable temperature, thoroughly calibrated to be gentle on the food, thus safeguarding flavors and fragrance. 



Thanks to its experience with Cook&Hold static ovens, Quantum provides a result of extraordinary hot holding cabinets and drawers for different types of use, either canteens, fast-food restaurants, or banqueting and public facilities. The range offers 21 models and different installation modes: table-top, built-in, with drawers, on casters and floor standing.

Hot Holding Drawers


Quantum Hot Holding Drawers provide the same wrapped heating that the Quantum Hot Holding Cabinets provide but in a drawer type.  Designed and engineered for on the go applications such as mobile kitchens, portable venues, disaster canteens and others

Hot Holding Cabinets


Quantum Hot Holding Cabinets & Banquet Carts range from a 5 pan model up to a roll through model, with custom carts available.

DeliWarm Feature


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits. DeliWarm heating system of the Quantum Hot Holding Cabinets greatly extends the holding time after cooking without drying the food.

Battery Backup


Our custom engineered battery packs allow for holding up to 6 hours at 165-185•F, fully loaded.  For more information go to Fuxion Manufacturing 

Custom Sizes


Custom sizes and configurations available with lead times of 4 weeks after approved drawings.

3 Year Warranty


3 year warranty on parts & labor w/ lifetime warranty on heating elements