quantum x industrial combi ovens - 1 to 12 trolley capacity


Various Configurations

Standard models offered in 1 and 2 trolley capacity, with custom sizes ranging from 3 trolley capacity to 12 trolley capacity


Steam, smoke, cook, & pasteurize in one unit

Maximized Airflow

Airflow is key for cooking and uniformity, regardless of number of trollies.  Each trolley has a dedicated ventilation system, ensuring each trolley cooks evenly

Automatic Cleaning

Cleaning labor is minimized by using integrated cleaning system that includes spray balls that rotate ensuring proper cleaning, unlike other combi ovens which use the fan to "fling" water.

HACCP On A Grand Scale

Regardless of the number of trollies, each trolley has its own HACCP tracking / batch tracking


3 year parts & labor are included with each purchase..


Modular Construction

Regardless of size, installation and construction is easy as components are built in a modular fashion

Service & Parts

Parts are easy to obtain as a spare parts package is shipped with each unit, then as parts are used they are replaced.  Furthermore, most components used are industry standard brands such as Siemens, which are readily available globally.  

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